Altberg Tabbing Boot - Brown
The lining is Cambrelle® non-waterproof, and the Men’s Tabbing® Boot is the lightest-weight boot in the Altberg military range. A new Alt-Berg development. The key to the design is the new ergonomic last on which the boot is made. The last is...
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Brown Altberg Gloss Polish
Altberg Leder Gloss Brown-80g Regular use of Leder Glos will eventually increase leather hardness due to lower levels of conditioning oils. High Sine Altberg Wax for Parade and Barracks Use Alt-berg Leder-Glos is a mixture of 85% wax and 15%...
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Trouser Twists - Coyote
Trouser Twists – Coyote Olive green or Coyote elasticated twists with hooks at each end. Designed to keep the bottom of your trousers in line with your boots.   Legacy Code: CKS10521 Sizes: One size fits all Sold in pairs
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Altberg Warrior Boot - Brown
Altberg Warrior Boot The Warrior Microlite is Altberg’s best selling lightweight combat boot. The boot is Cambrelle lined - non-waterproof, ultra breathable with excellent drying out properties. Width: Medium fit Leather: Water repellent. Anfibio full grain leather 2.2-2.4mm 1st grade...
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Altberg Sneeker Boot - Brown
Altberg Sneeker Boot A cross between a comfortable high-leg trainer, a boxing boot and a military boot. The Vibram Tsavo anti-mud build up sole and microlite mid-sole make the boots comfortable and durable all day. Width: Medium fit Leather: Pittards...
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Altberg Leder Gris
The wax provides waterproofing, as it dries. The oil goes deeper into the leather, and helps to maintain the leathers suppleness. Altberg Leder Gris is design to lengthen the lifespane of leather boots.  Leder-Gris is a mixture of 70% wax...
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