Norwegian Wool Sock
Norwegian Army Socks are great multipurpose winter sock. The reinforced heel and toe to protect the feet even during long walks. Highlander Norwegian sock has been designed for military activities in colder temperatures and so is ideal for winter activities...
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Socks - PWRR - Size 7 - 11
PWRR Brogue Socks PWRR TRF patterned brogue socks These are quality socks in cotton and LYCRA which results in a hardwearing sock with great fit. In addition, they are made of a fine soft weave which makes them perfect for...
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Taskforce Sock
The Taskforce sock is a lightweight sock that has been designed for warmth and durability within a wide range of military activities. Highlanders Taskforce sock is a lightweight sock, produced with a high wool content to provide for warmth and...
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Keela Glacier Socks - Covert Green
The Keela Glacier sock is ideal for the harshest of conditions. The Merino Wool blend makes the Glacier ideal for all cold weather activities, offering exceptional next-to-skin comfort, warmth and durability. The Keela Glacier sock is our top of the...
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