Arktis C310 Waterproof Combat Trousers - OptiView Camo
The Arktis C310 is the fully waterproof version of our classic combat trousers. The outer is made from our signature 50/50 ripstop is coated with a DRW finish and is one of the toughest fabrics on the market.   The waterproof/breathable characteristic is...
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Arktis Combat Classic SF Smock - Camo
The B110 is a showerproof combat smock used by Special Forces & military units around the world. It hasn’t got a lining, but that doesn't mean it misses out on any of the critical features of an Arktis jacket. The...
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Arktis Rainshield Coat V2 - Camo
The Rainshield is a lightweight packable waterproof coat.  This product encompasses the technology of our waterproof smocks and the lightweight properties of the Stowaway shirt. The result of which is a 400g* low profile waterproof solution. The Rainshield has had a rework in...
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Arktis Stowaway Shirt - Camo
The Arktis Stowaway was designed to be as light weight as possible with a very minimalistic design. The shirt snugly fits into a little pouch located at the back of the neck and is secured with a drawstring & toggle. This can...
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Arktis Waterproof Combat Smock - Camo
The Arktis Waterproof Combat Smock is a fully waterproof combat smock used by Special Forces & touch military units around the world. We originally designed the B310 for the SAS in the late 80's. There have been a few tweaks over the years, however the...
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