Officers' Crimson Silk Waist Sash
Silk Waist Sash Ceremonial waist sash with long fringe . The sash is worn over the tunic by Regiments and Corps performing ceremonial duties. NSN: 8455-99-978-6145. •Colour Crimson •Sash with long fringe •Size: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large •NSN:...
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Scarlet Worsted Sash
Scarlet Worsted Sash Regulation British Army NCO pattern parade duty sash. A Ceremonial shoulder sash is worn over the the right shoulder of the tunic by WO1, WO2 and Colour Sergeants. NSN: 8455-99-973-4057
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Warrant Officer Crimson Sash
Warrant Officers Crimson Sash This crimson shoulder sash is worn by Warrant Officers of the British Army. To identify which size you require measure from left hip up to right shoulder, then around and back down to left hip. Colour:...
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